Monday, August 23, 2010

What would happen if we stopped buying oil from the middle east. would the price go down?

would they starve to death not that i care. I mean they only pay $.73 for about agallon of gas over here.What would happen if we stopped buying oil from the middle east. would the price go down?
We don't buy very much oil from the Middle East. The 3 biggest countries that we import from are Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela, and they make up about 75% or so of our imports.

I think we get about 10% from the ME.

So I doubt the price would drop appreciably.What would happen if we stopped buying oil from the middle east. would the price go down?
NO, the price would remain the same because demand and supply would remain the same. the only way to reduce the cost of oil is to reduce the demand by using alternate fuels or cutting consumption. that is not going to happen in the near future, so get used to the high price of gasoline. Do what you can to reduce your own consumption of energy.
NIce in theory, but it won't happen.

We are too dependent on oil. Is everyone in America going to take a bicycle to work? Are windmills and solar farms going to pop up overnight to take the place of oil burning electrical plants? Are manufacturers going to discover some sort of magical product to take the place of oil in manufacturing?

At least in the short term, conservation has to be part of the answer. Other options, such as drilling for new sources and developing new fuels are going to take at least five years.
Yeah, the price would drop, but not to the where we would be paying .73. The rest of the world still needs oil. And they wouldn't starve for a long time. They are already very very rich. Lastly, we would starve from lack of oil. You think we are in a recision now, it would be the downfall of our country.
You are asking the wrong question. The reason oil prices are so high is because of monopoly. And monopolies can only function with the help of government.

To lower oil prices, we need to return to the Free Market. This means abolishing the unconstitutional Department of Energy. Free countries do not have an ';energy policy';. The REAL purpose of the ';energy policy'; is to ensure maximum profits for the big oil companies. Our politicians are being subsidized by big oil, and big oil takes care of them when they retire, or get voted out of office.

The Environmental Movement is financed by the big oil companies. It's purpose is to stop oil exploration and exploitation, thereby stifling competition, and creating an artificial ';shortage';.

The solution is to get government out of the way, and have real competition in energy production. As long as politicians are subsidized by big oil, corrupt courts side with the Environmentalists, and mainstream media continue to provide reasons why we can't drill for oil, we can expect to see prices for oil rise.

Incidentally, many of our politicians, top executives in the big oil companies, executives in major media, and high officials in the judiciary all belong to the same club. It's called the Council on Foreign Relations. Go to their website: and read their membership list. Maybe you'll see the connection.
The price would drop a bit, but it would hurt us, we need gas to get to work and transport goods. China and India would love us as their gas prices declined, Europe would love us too.
And how would food and other goods be transported to stores and I know most people could not ride a bike or walk to work..nice idea but won't work
No. We get less than 20% of our oil from the Middle East. We should invade Venezuela, they pay $0.14 per gallon.

Why don't we just stop buying Iranian and Venezuelan oil?

Because worldwide oil distribution is a complex, tangled, 40 year old matrix and would wreak havoc throughout every country. Not that I would mind.Why don't we just stop buying Iranian and Venezuelan oil?
The solution is not that simple. Until we seriously pursue alternative fuel sources and actually make some headway on resource conservation, we are held hostage by whoever is willing to sell us oil. There are too many in our country that because of where they live in relation to their employment, don't truly have an adequate opportunity to reduce their consumption. Realistic expansion of work at home or significant improvements in public transportation can make a difference but those options have their own limitations in certain areas and fields. Gasoline has gone up in my area by roughly 22% in less than one month. If we simply stop buying oil from Venezuela and Iran or OPEC, I cannot imagine the increase we would see at the pump. If you don't use much gas now, you may not recognize or care that many are in situations where their consumption is not optional. You might not quickly be hurt personally from a significant cost increase but many would. Everyone would eventually suffer because of the impact on food prices and the cost of consumer goods. We need to capitalize on our available domestic resources while avidly pursuing oil's replacement in our economy or we are screwed. If we don't get serious, we are probably screwed anyway.Why don't we just stop buying Iranian and Venezuelan oil?
The U.S. doesn't buy oil. Oil companies buy it and import it and sell it, and they buy it on the world market from commodoties holders not from an individual country necessarily.

And because there is plenty of worldwide demand for oil, if we don't buy oil that originates in certain countries there are buyers lined up around the block to buy it.
We still have to buy it from somewhere and it won't effect Market Prices. What we need to do in the US is boycott ONE of the big oil conglomerates. I saw a chain letter that totally made total sense.

Instead of the don't buy for a day nonsense Kill Exxon/Mobil stop buying from just them period.鈥?/a>
That was asked years ago, and the reason we can't is that oil is fluid. (Pun intended.) It is a marketplace where all oil is considered the same. Someone else can buy and sell on the market. The only way to interrupt would be to blockade both countries. (That did not work with Iraq while Saddam was there.)
they don't need us to buy it... it's a world market... in fact I don't think we do buy much from them... but it's really all the same...

it's like buying from one starbucks or another's basically all the same in the end...
Because we are the biggest consumer of petroleum in the world and have to get it where we can to satisfy demand.

That might be possible in the future if US demand was drastically reduced.
The first post is absolutely right.

The demand for oil in America is so high..why?..Simply because Americans are obsessed with driving vehicles that consume large amounts of fuel, for their ';pleasure';...go figure.
Because of the high demand for oil. America doesn't have enough of it's own oil resources.
Why not?

Now If I can only get everyone else to quit driving the trucks and SUV's that are driving our need to purchase oil from these countries......
Oil is bought and sold on global markets. It's sort of like cocaine. You don't ask where it comes from.
Most of our oil comes from Mexico and Canada.
I wish it was just that easy, but if it means I have to stop driving my Silverado, oh well...
You do realize, that even with the invasion in Iraq the U.S. still faces oil shortage, right?
because its cheap and the corporate pigs want the US to be the last country with oil
Because you'd drive up the price of the remaining supply.
Because our hover crafts aren't ready yet.
yeah that has to be the worst idea i have heard in a long time. no offence:)
Yes, we should cut off our nose and spite our face. Dumb. How about a better idea?
I think we should just take it.
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    If stop rain at all what we do and if oil finish what happen ?

    no rain we die

    no oil we liveIf stop rain at all what we do and if oil finish what happen ?
    If there is no rain then everything living would perish,

    if all the oil runs out then running machines would be difficult but not impossible.If stop rain at all what we do and if oil finish what happen ?
    There is life in deserts which have Very little rain fall o life could still be supported and seas could be desalinated .If there were no oil then the middle east would become less interesting
    its the end of life

    How can we stop the high increase of oil?

    The only way to really bring down the price of oil permanently is by creating a viable substitute. Increasing production, opening up new refineries, going after oil speculators, improving relationships with oil rich countries will only help in the short term. The reality is that as population increases, and as countries continue to develop the need for energy will increase along with the demand for oil.

    Governments need to take the lead and promote innovation to improve and create technologies that can power us into the future. I believe that government can give away grants, funding, and incentives to push for the development of technologies. Many argue that we need to shift to nuclear energy but the only problem with that is the nuclear energy is not an universally accepted option due to the negative stigma associated with it and the fact that nuclear waste is hard to transport, store.

    It will be very interesting to see what innovations are created in the coming years as a response to the current demands for new energy production.How can we stop the high increase of oil?
    In the long term, the only way is to use less. In the long run, supply and demand takes over, and there are no ideas on the table that will increase supply by more than a few percent. That includes driving more fuel efficient vehicles, creating electricity from things other than oil (hydro, wind, nuclear), and setting up proper public transit systems so people have to drive and fly less.

    In the short term, ending the saber-rattling between the US/Israel and Iran would help a lot. One of the immediate worries of the world is that there will be a war and Iran will cut of oil exports and blockade the Persian gulf so even uninvolved gulf states will not be able to export. If the risk of that happening goes down, so will the price.How can we stop the high increase of oil?
    For now, it'd be nice if the Federal Reserve took aggressive actions against speculators. That would take away the commodities bubble and lower the price of oil a little.

    In the long run, we need to invest in new technologies. There is no real other way.

    Off shore drilling will only affect our economy about 20 years down the line, just like Alaskan drilling 20 years ago is doing now.
    is actually sad that the hydrogen car is first introduce in our country a decade ago, but now its already running thru the technology of HONDA, i guess if only our government think of the future before i guess we were able to use it here in the philippines or develop it wise and dont be affected to tax weve got accumulated from oil compainies were like held in our neck. and nothing to do about it in a moment, bit i belive we can do on it in quite some time , promote renewable energy.
    Go after oil speculators. Build more nuclear power plants, and build more oil refineries.
    Invent a car powered by water.
    tumbling after
    we should stop using things that need oil